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Mystery of the Kingdom of God - Biblical Blueprint

Author: Jenny Chen

The prefect man is described in the Bible as blameless, righteous, and victorious Christians on earth. They are perfectly trained and fully spiritually mature sons of God. The perfect man not only becomes a Christian, he also lives a Spirit-led and -possessed lifestyle on earth as it is in heaven. He will enter into the kingdom of heaven and receive his heavenly inheritance. He will become the true righteous and victorious Christian in his first earthly life. As the result, he will transition into his second earthly life in the Millennial Kingdom at Jesus' second coming. Eventually, he will live forever at Eternal Kingdom. In God's plan, he will live three earthly lives from a short life for 120 years to a long life for 1,000 years and then forever. God's original intent of creation for mankind and the earth was that men will live on earth forever. The question is: do we want to live on earth as a human being forever?

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